Frequently asked questions

De Nederlandstalige veelgestelde vragen vind je hier.

Which courses do you have?

  • NT1 (Dutch as a first language);
  • NT2 (Dutch as a second language)
  • Parent participation: at certain primary schools we give Dutch lessons, specifically for parents. You can check with your child’s school if Ster College also offers classes there;
  • Arithmetic education;
  • Digital skills.

Where do I have to live to be able to participate in a course?

See the overview of our teaching locations.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to participate?

  • You are 18 or older;
  • If you are from a country within the EU, you can participate in language lessons, arithmetic lessons and digital skills lessons;
  • You are a highly skilled migrant and you have a job;
  • You are the partner of a highly skilled migrant, and your ID card is linked to that of your partner;
  • You have a migration background, and you study at mbo, hbo or a university;
  • You have a migration background, and you have complied with the integration obligation.

What if I still have to integrate?

If you are still obliged to integrate, you cannot participate. We can refer you to Werkvloer Taal (dutch), our partner for Civic Integration Lessons.

What does a course cost?

The entire process is free. Learning materials are provided (if applicable) on loan and upon receipt you sign a loan agreement.

You also sign an agreement in which it is agreed, among other things, that you may not be absent without permission more than 4 times per half year.

Where are courses given?

Classes take place at many different locations in Eindhoven and the region. The lessons take place in community centers, primary schools and Summa schools.

We strive for every student to take a course close to home, however, your language level and learnability will be leading when placing you.

How long does a course last?

The duration of the course depends on your starting level. Before you sign the agreement, you know how long your course will last.

When are the holidays?

Ster College follows the holiday schedule of the Summa College. You cannot take leave outside the holiday time or be absent during the lessons.

Is there a study guide?

Yes, there is a study guide per course. A study guide can be sent to interested parties on request. Ask your teacher about it or contact us.

Can I visit a trial lesson?

Yes, you can. Please contact the following people for this:

Are there information meetings?

We participate in the open days schedule of the Summa College.

Do you have day and evening lessons?

Yes. We teach on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (both in the region and in Eindhoven). We do get a lot of registrations for the evening hours, so if you are able to do day classes, you are more likely to be placed on short notice.

How long does a lesson last and how often do I have a lesson?

You have lessons once a week. The lesson last 3 hours, including a 15-minute break.

Class hours are as follows:

  • Morning: 08.45 – 12.00 am
  • Afternoon: 12.45 – 4.00 pm
  • Evening: 6.30 – 9.45 pm

Can I have lessons in two different places?

No, you can only take lessons in one location.

How am I guided?

You always receive lessons from one professional teacher. This is usually the same person, but this is subject to timetable changes, or your teacher’s temporary inability to work.

In addition to a teacher, an intern and / or a volunteer may participate in the class. The teacher is always responsible for the lesson, and is therefore the first point of contact for your questions.

I have employees I want to train, where can I go?

Under certain conditions we can provide in-company training for groups of employees. Please contact Elise Pranger for this.

Frequently asked questions